Ocarta @ Big Texas Rally For Recovery

This Sunday, most of the staff of Ocarta went to Dallas, Texas, for the Big Texas Rally For Recovery. This is a national event, which was preceded by the 22nd Annual Stevie Ray Vaughan Remembrance Ride & Concert (at least the “ride” part.)

Here are some of the snapshots we managed to grab at the Rally…


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Our New Online Calendar

The new system we installed tonight is being tested. We tried another plug-in that supposedly had the same features, and on the last update, it went bonkers on dates and times. So, we’re trying this one… Let us know if you find any errors in the schedules, or if you have any questions not answered on the site.

Please bear in mind that holidays might affect a given schedule, or we may cancel an event or program for a given day, as Life Happens, as the Country song says. We will strive to keep this online calendar up-to-date, so check back often to stay “in the loop.”

Walk For Recovery – The Pictures

UPDATE 09/27/2016: If you want or need a copy of a given picture (yes, even high-res), just let us know.

Here are the photos I was able to take today at our Walk For Recovery at both Washington Park and the Oklahoma State Capitol. Some shots were requested, while others were taken while recording video.


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Site Improvements and Updates

Over the past couple of weeks, we have streamlined much of this site. This is a major overhaul of how this site works, and how we can serve you better. We’ve also added a few new functions we’re still testing out to make sure they work right, but so far so good.

We moved most of  the menu options that were on the left side to the top, as a drop-down menu. We’re still editing some of those items to get them right, but we’re shooting to have it all updated and correct by October 1st. 

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"Recovery Is A Reality"