Ocarta In Los Angeles

Donna Woods, our esteemed Executive Director, traveled to Los Angeles this week for the Unite to Face Addiction Convention. There, she met with Patrick Kennedy, a former US Congressman, who is also a staunch mental health advocate.

Donna Woods with Patrick Kennedy in L.A.
Donna Woods with Patrick Kennedy in L.A.

We also received these two photos from the Convention.



According to an email we received this morning, Viacom, the international media corporation, will be broadcasting a 30 minute commercial-free television special about this event on the following channels:

  • BET
  • Comedy Central
  • CMT
  • Logo
  • MTV
  • MTV2
  • MTV Classic
  • MTV Live
  • Spike
  • TV Land
  • VH1

Check local listings for broadcast times.

We will add to this story as we receive more information. We also plan to do a story on the Surgeon General’s report on addiction, which may be included in the December Newsletter.

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