Ocarta Wins Award From NAMI

Oklahoma City, Saturday, November 19th — Ocarta was invited to attend an awards ceremony by NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness), being held at St. Anthony’s Hospital. Representing Ocarta was Tyler Ross, Chad Shuford, and Danny Stone.

Tyler Ross (right) and Chad Shuford.
Tyler Ross (left) and Chad Shuford.

Professional Organization Award — This certificate is awarded to OCARTA for outstanding contributions and providing extraordinary support on behalf of person with mental health conditions and their family members.



On the back of the award was a recommendation we must assume was the actual nomination. It reads:

To whom it may concern,

I would like to nominate Donna Woods for the Professional Organization award because of the support and and services that her organization, Ocarta, has done for people that are suffering from mental illness.  Ocarta is the only organization of its kind that offers services for people who are co-occurring. There are both classes and support groups for people who are is [in] recovery from substance abuse disorder that are also struggling with a mental illness. Ocarta provides a safe haven and non-judgmental place where people can receive services and begin to heal. The PRSS training (peer recovery support specialist) allows anyone to receive training whereas they can work in a recovery setting and receive a certification from the state. The training encompasses both NAMI principles, as well as substance abuse recovery ones. Donna Woods is great example of advocating for people with mental illness in the community and her organization is exemplary for provides services in a population that is grossly underrepresented.


We are grateful for this award, and wish to thank NAMI for it recognition, and its continued efforts to help people with mental health issues. When organizations work together, miracles happen.

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