December Newsletter Update

November was the month of last minute changes. Too many, in fact, for the newsletter to handle. We are delaying the December issue one week. We do apologize for the delay, but December’s issue will be released in the evening on Monday, December 12th.

Both Part 2 of the DUI Court series, and the piece about Embark, our local metro bus system, are postponed. The DUI story will continue in the January newsletter. The Embark article is going to take a lot more research than originally surmised, so it’s postponed until done. We believe both of these stories will be a lot better because of this delay, and one of our objectives is to release quality content, which sometimes sacrifices timely release.

As for the January issue, it will be released in the evening of Monday, January 2nd. This puts us back on our release schedule, which is the first Monday of the issue’s month. Thank you for your patience, and your continued readership. Spread the word about this newsletter!

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