Engaging Recovery Magazine – March 2018

Important Change:

Newsletter & Magazine Are Different

There is a big difference between Engaging Recovery Magazine, and Ocarta Viewpoints, our new quarterly newsletter. The magazine is a national monthly offering, with both recovery help and general purpose articles.

Ocarta Viewpoints is released quarterly, which is about the 15th of March, June, September, and December. Engaging Recovery Magazine is released monthly, on or about the 25th of the prior month (e.g., June issue should be about the 25th of May.)

In this posting, we are releasing both the newsletter and the magazine (which was released on Wallstone Online last week.) Subscribers to the newsletter will continue to be informed when  released. For the magazine, you will need to subscribe for free at Engaging Recovery Magazine, and you can read back-issues there as well.

Ocarta Viewpoints: March 2018

Engaging Recovery Magazine: March 2018

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