Monica Delclef


Monica Delclef, C-PRSS

Executive Assistant

(O) 405-848-7555

(F) 405-949-0929

Favorite Quote :  In this world we must help one another. Jean de la Fontaine

Bio: My name is Monica Delclef and I am the assistant to the Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer. I love coming to work every day because of the wonderful people I work with and the great work that OCARTA is doing in the lives of others!!  Everyday I get to see how our Peer to Peer recovery program gives others’ hope.  Hope is very powerful…If I can give on person hope, then I feel that I have been successful today.  Today in my recovery, I am truly grateful for the need and desire to help others in order to stay sober myself.  My wish is to help others by being a positive person in my recovery and sharing my experience, strength, and hope with other women.