Donna Woods
Email: donna@ocarta.org

Executive Director


(O) 405-848-7555

(C) 405-819-8846

(F) 405-949-0929


Favorite Quote: "The task is not to become normal. The task is to take up your journey of recovery & to become who you are called to be."

Bio: Donna woods refers to herself as a woman in recovery first and then a professional. Her recovery began the day she picked up the phone and called a friend in the program of Alcoholics Anonymous and went to a detoxification center in Oklahoma City, back in 1994.  Donna graduated from Oklahoma State University in December of 2000 with a 4.0 in Substance Abuse Counseling with an Associates of Science degree and has traveled throughout the state of Oklahoma to promote Community Sentencing programs,, the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse (ODMHSAS), Drug Courts, and Peer Recovery Support Specialist programs.

Having received her certification as an alcohol and drug counselor (CADC), she put her formal education on the back burner.  After graduating, she founded the Oklahoma Citizens Advocates for Recovery and Transformation Association (OCARTA), in February of 2002.  With funding from the ODMHSAS, the agency began advocating for the rights of individuals, families, and those in recovery with addiction to receive help.  Soon after Donna spent time writing a SAMHSA-CSAT Grant.  OCARTA was awarded that Grant in September of 2006 to help indigent women with children coming out of treatment and prison to break down the barriers that keep them stuck in recidivism and relapse.  Donna is very grateful for her newest certification as a Peer Recovery Support Specialist.

Donna is perceived by others as having integrity and values, a person who is adept at listening (and hearing), and whose use of these qualities help to motivate others and manage the vision and purpose of the organization.  Donna's hands-on experience, life struggles with substance abuse, and passion is just an example of one of many OCARTA members.  OCARTA continues to move forward with its mission of grassroots advocacy, education, and peer recovery support services for all those affected by addiction/mental illness.  OCARTA is a member of the National Advocacy and Recovery Community Organization (ARCO). Donna is an active invested member of the National Faces and Voices of Recovery (FAVOR), Consumer Involvement Study Group, NE Coalition, Salvation Army, Crystal Darkness Coalition and Smoking Cessation Coalition.

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